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  • Student Data Privacy Roadmap: Your Guide to Earning the TLE Seal

    CoSN Trusted Learning Environment

    This handbook was created to inform school system leaders about the CoSN Trusted Learning Environment (TLE) Seal Program, which supports your commitment to con…

  • Security Awareness Free Poster Downloads

    Inspired Learning

    This free resource is for any organization to use in their offices to promote security awareness. Some of the topics include password protection, anatomy of a …

  • FERPA Interactive Whiteboard

    Teach Privacy

    The FERPA Interactive Whiteboard (~5.5 minutes) is a highly-interactive computer-based module that succinctly summarizes the Family Educational Rights and Priv…

  • Law Enforcement Access to Student Records

    Future of Privacy Forum

    This FPF guide helps schools – and the companies that serve them – understand their legal options and when they may be required to disclose student personal in…

  • Model Webpage: Data Governance at UW-Madison


    This website provides information on the data governance program at UW-Madison, including the program's purpose and vision; goals and objectives; guiding princ…

  • U.S. Department of Ed Student Privacy Website

    PTAC, U.S. Department of Education

    This website (relaunched in June 2017) provides resources on student privacy and FERPA from the Privacy Technical Assistance Center (PTAC) at the U.S. Departme…