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  • Privacy Statements in Higher Education Syllabi

    Jan 27, 2021Dr. Carrie Klein
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  • Kit de Herramientas de Comunicación Sobre Privacidad Estudiantil: Para Escuelas y Distritos

    Jan 20, 2021Jasmine Park, Juliana Cotto, Ann Waller Curtis, Carrie Klein, Anisha Reddy, Jim Siegl, Alexandra Sollberger, Jennifer Triplett, Amelia Vance
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  • Young and eSafe

    Dec 31, 2020

    Short videos and web content designed to help young people create a positive online world and reinforce respectful and responsible online behaviour.

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  • The YeS Project

    Dec 31, 2020

    A workshop-based digital and social health program encouraging young people to act as positive leaders and supportive friends in social spaces, especially onli…

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