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    Rethinking Video Mandates In Online Classrooms: Privacy and Equity Considerations and Alternative Engagement Methods

    Dec 2, 2020Casey Waughn

    The onset of COVID-19 caused the education system to shift rapidly. Vibrant, in-person classrooms transformed into dynamic online environments to protect the c…

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  • State Perspectives

    A Conversation with Kim Nesmith About Student Data Privacy

    Nov 5, 2020Juliana Cotto

    COVID-19 has placed districts, schools, and educators in unprecedented circumstances as they balance health concerns, academic responsibilities, and equity con…

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    A Conversation with Rachel Anderson

    Jul 10, 2019Ahuva Goldstand

    DQC's new resource, “The Emergence of Data Privacy Conversations and State Responses,” illuminates the need for policymaking that responds to the complexities …

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