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  • Model: Data Ownership and Access Policy

    August 4, 2019

    This model document sets a policy for LEAs to engage in data sharing with data owners such as students. It sets requirements for when and how data can be relea…

  • Checklist for Data Managers

    Utah State Board of Education

    This checklist, created by the Utah State Department of Education, explains what data managers need to do in order to responsibly managing student data.

  • Model: Data Breach Guidance and Checklist

    Utah State Board of Education

    The guidance and checklist in this document is provided by USBE for Utah LEAs as general examples illustrating some current industry best practices in data bre…

  • Nothing to Hide: Tools for Talking (and Listening) About Data Privacy for Integrated Data Systems

    Future of Privacy Forum

    This toolkit provides IDS stakeholders with the necessary tools to support and lead privacy-sensitive, inclusive engagement efforts. A narrative step-by-step g…

  • FERPA Interactive Whiteboard

    Teach Privacy

    The FERPA Interactive Whiteboard (~5.5 minutes) is a highly-interactive computer-based module that succinctly summarizes the Family Educational Rights and Priv…

  • Global Kids Online Research Toolkit

    Global Kids Online

    The project developed a global research toolkit that would enable academics, governments, civil society and other actors to carry out reliable and standardized…