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  • Data Protection Contractual Language


    Sample proposal and contract language for common themes related to data protection as well as practical guidance as to when and how to consider the themes when…

  • Data Incident Notification Toolkit


    A toolkit with templates, tips, and examples that can be referred to during the process of notifying potential victims of data compromise.

  • Data Classification Toolkit


    A compilation of resources pertaining to data classification in higher education. Although data classification is just one component of a comprehensive program…

  • Cybersecurity Awareness Resource Library


    The EDUCAUSE/Internet2 Higher Education Information Security Council is pleased to present this compilation of cybersecurity awareness resources for colleges a…

  • Confidential Data Handling Blueprint


    A toolkit that constructs resources pertaining to confidential data handling. Many of the EDUCAUSE/Internet2 Higher Education Information Security Council (for…

  • Collaborating with University Staff on Information Security


    Below are some guidelines in FAQ format on how to work with staff to understand and mitigate the risks to university data in the realm of academia.