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  • 2017 Education Data Legislation Review

    Data Quality Campaign

    Over the past decade, states have made enormous progress in collecting, using, and reporting education data in service of learning—although state legislation h…

  • Model: CO Data Privacy & Security Website

    Colorado Department of Education

    In this age of data-driven decision making, data is foundational to the success of the process. Whether discussing student-achievement, program monitoring, edu…

  • Guía para padres sobre la privacidad de datos del estudiante

    Future of Privacy Forum, National PTA, and ConnectSafely

    Vivimos en un mundo que cada vez está más conectado, en el que la información fluye entre nosotros, las organizaciones y las compañías con las que tenemos trat…

  • Law Enforcement Access to Student Records

    Future of Privacy Forum

    This FPF guide helps schools – and the companies that serve them – understand their legal options and when they may be required to disclose student personal in…

  • The Structural Consequences of Big Data-Driven Education

    Elana Zeide

    Educators and commenters who evaluate big data-driven learning environments focus on specific questions: whether automated education platforms improve learning…

  • Model Webpage: Utah SBE Student Data Privacy

    Utah State Board of Education

    Student Data Privacy Webpage for the Utah SEA, with resources for parents, LEAs, teachers, as well as information on Utah policies, federal and state law, and …