Welcome To The New Student Privacy Compass!

Welcome To The New Student Privacy Compass!

When the Future of Privacy Forum (FPF) first launched Student Privacy Compass back in 2014, it was at the beginning of a landscape change: there were limited resources for anyone wanting to find out more about student privacy, few specific state student privacy laws, and most states and districts were trying to determine the best ways to protect student privacy while also allowing for the important use of data and technology in education.

Three years later, much has changed: over 100 new laws have passed in 40 states, new student privacy resources are published every week, and there are countless stories of best practices and lessons learned from districts, states, and organizations. With this new landscape, FPF decided it was time to expand Student Privacy Compass to make sure that everyone who works on student privacy has access to the information and resources they need to continue ensuring that student privacy is protected.

Today, I am thrilled to announce an improved and expanded Student Privacy Compass, with new features including:

To celebrate our launch week, we will post a new blog entry each day to highlight work from many different amazing and talented people who are working on student privacy. FPF hopes that each weekly blog will become a resource unto itself, allowing the sharing of knowledge across stakeholder groups.

Most importantly, we want to know if this site is useful to you, if you have recommended resources or best practices we should be including, and anything else you are able to share. Please feel free to contact me at at [email protected] with any feedback.

The new Student Privacy Compass website builds on FPF’s work to ensure the responsible use of student data and education technology in K-12 and higher education, helping educators with resources and information, and seeking inputs from all stakeholders to ensure privacy while allowing for effective data and technology use in education.

Thank you to our partner and supporting organizations and friends, including the Data Quality Campaign, the National PTA, Jim Siegl, Bill Fitzgerald, Elana Zeide, and so many more people than we can ever count.

Most of all, thank you for caring about student privacy and visiting Student Privacy Compass!


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