Using Student Data Essential for Research that Empower Students

Using Student Data Essential for Research that Empower Students

In our nation’s schools, we have seen widespread use of zero tolerance policies that lead to suspension, expulsion, and other extreme disciplinary measures. Do these policies work or do they cause more harm than good?

Thanks to research that studied student data over time, we now know that these procedures are not effective in preventing future misbehavior nor improving student outcomes.

Without studies that looked at this issue and others, our policies and education practices would be lacking key insights.

In Huffington Post Education, Jules Polonetsky writes about Making a Digital Difference in the Classroom With Data,”.  Jules reviews a recent FPF report written by NYU academic Elana Zeide which summarized an extensive collection of research studies that relied on student data to help gain insights used to improve student education.

Read the full report titled 19 Times Data Analysis Empowered Students and Schools.

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