Module 8

Module 8 – Practicing Transparency & Building Trust


  • Without transparency, stakeholders will find it difficult to trust the educational agency, and the lack of trust can result in challenging situations.
  • Educational agencies must balance transparency and privacy when it comes to reporting student data such as outcomes and accountability measures.
  • There are actions that educational agencies can take to be transparent that do not compromise student privacy.


  • Review information that should be communicated to stakeholders and explore areas where quick wins in transparency can occur.
  • Discuss the balance between transparency and privacy.
  • Explore best practices for communicating with stakeholders.


  • Register for the webinar on Thursday, October 29th 12:00 – 1:30 PM ET.
  • Complete the individual activities by Monday, October 26th.
  • Complete the group activities by Monday, October 26th.
  • Email if you have questions.

Follow Up

For missed webinars, watch the recording and send a paragraph (3-4 sentences) summarizing what you have learned to with the subject line “TTT Module 8 Webinar”. 

For missed assignments, email your completed individual activities and discussion group responses to with the subject line “TTT Module 8 Individual Activity/Group Discussion”.

Webinar Registration

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  • Alexandra Sollberger, Principal & Director of Public Relations, Stones River Group (SRG)
  • Ann Waller Curtis, Associate, SRG


Individual Activities

  • Read PTAC’s Transparency Best Practices guidance and FPF’s Blog titled Effectively Communicating Student Data Privacy to Parents and Communities
    • Both documents discuss “what” to communicate and “how” to communicate.
      • Create two charts with three columns. Title the first chart “What to Communicate” and the second chart “How to Communicate”
      • For both charts, title the three columns “Same”, “PTAC Document”, “FPF Blog”.
      • Complete the chart by listing items that are the same, items that are specific to the PTAC document, and items that are specific to the FPF Blog in the appropriate columns.
  • Review the model legislation “Student Data Privacy, Accessibility, and Transparency Act” 
    • What aspects of this model legislation would increase transparency?
    • Is there anything else you would have added to this model legislation to ensure transparency?
  • Email your completed Module 6 Activities in a Word or PDF document to by October 26th and be prepared to discuss during our webinar.

Group Discussion

  • Transparency and privacy often seem to be on opposite ends of the spectrum. To provide transparency many think you have to sacrifice privacy. The first activity provides ways that don’t seem to require a tradeoff. What are some areas where balancing privacy and transparency is more challenging? Take a look at this article from Education Week to get ideas flowing States Fall Short on School Data Transparency, Advocacy Group Says.
    • Provide two or three examples where balancing privacy and transparency is more challenging.
  • Take an assessment of your current environment. Is your agency practicing transparency with the public? Is there public trust in your agency? Use one of the resources provided in “Student Data Privacy Communications Toolkit”, refer to the Toolkit Resources – Written Materials, to create a resource specific to your agency that will assist in being more transparent with your public? 
  • Share an update on your portfolio. Challenges? Successes? 
  • Post your answers to your group’s channel (#sea-lea, #lawyers, or #teacher-prep) no later than October 26th.
    • Please respond to others as they post.

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