Module 6

Module 6 – Safeguarding Data Security


  • Explore the risks of data security compromises.
  • Review best practices as well as possible policies and procedures to protect student data.
  • Build elements into action plans and portfolios that address data security.


  • Cyberattacks for educational institutions are on the rise.
  • Schools and school systems are vulnerable due to limited resources.
  • There are policies and procedures that should be proactively instituted to protect student privacy.


  • Register for the webinar on Friday, August 21st 12:00 – 1:30 PM ET.
  • Complete the individual activities by Monday, August 17th.
  • Complete the group activities by Wednesday, August 19th.
  • Email if you have questions.

Follow Up

For missed webinars, watch the recording and send a paragraph (3-4 sentences) summarizing what you have learned to with the subject line “TTT Module 6 Webinar”. 

For missed assignments, email your completed individual activities and discussion group responses to with the subject line “TTT Module 6 Individual Activity/Group Discussion”.

Webinar Registration

Register for the webinar below. Please note that registration is required to join.


  • Holly Brady, Senior Counsel, Governance, Compliance and Employment, Altria Client Services
  • Tanya Forsheit, Partner, Chair, Privacy and Data Security Group, Frankfurt Kurnit Klein & Selz
  • Kirk Nahra, Co-Chair, Cybersecurity and Privacy Practice, WilmerHale


Individual Activities

  • Review NSBA’s Data Security for Schools: A Legal and Policy Guide for School Boards
    1. Review State Data Security Breach Notification Laws (Appendix A, pg. 16)
      1. Find the data breach law citation for your state (If there is not one for your state, pick a nearby state).
      2. Look up the law.
      3. In your own words, provide an overview of your state’s data breach law.
    2. Review FAQ #4, “What kinds of data security policies and procedures should a district have in place?” (pg. 9)
      1. Which of these policies and procedures does your organization have in place?
      2. Of the policies and procedures not in place in your organization, which do you feel is most urgently needed?
      3. What role can you play in ensuring these policies and procedures are in place in your organization or in the organizations you serve?
  • Email your completed Module 6 Activities in a Word or PDF document to by Monday, August 17th and be prepared to discuss during our webinar. 

Group Discussion

  • Read the article “Cyberattacks Increasingly Threaten Schools – Here’s What to Know
    1. Which of the reasons presented for the increase in cyberattacks do you see in the school systems you support?  
    2. What can you do to help address these issues?
  • Review one of the additional resources below.
    1. Compose a short, one to two sentence review of the resource.
    2. Which, if any, of these resources will you add to your portfolio?
  • Post your answers to your group’s channel (#sea-lea, #lawyers, or #teacher-prep) no later than Wednesday, August 19th.
  • Please respond to others as they post.

Additional Resources

School or System Level Resources:

Teacher or Administrator Level Resources:

COVID-19 Resources: