State Approaches to Engaging Postsecondary Stakeholders

State Approaches to Engaging Postsecondary Stakeholders
The effective engagement of postsecondary stakeholders is crucial to the development of a
successful P-20W (preschool through workforce) data system. While many states have mandated
postsecondary participation in P-20W systems, all states should cultivate strong relationships
among the different P-20W institutions, ensuring that postsecondary stakeholders (e.g., for-profit
colleges, four-year universities, community colleges) for instance, share in the benefits of P-20W
data linkages. Such linkages can provide valuable information to help drive decisionmaking
within the state, informing policy and program improvement. This Statewide Longitudinal Data
Systems (SLDS) Spotlight discusses the challenges faced and lessons learned by Washington,
Connecticut, Illinois, and Maine in their efforts to engage with the postsecondary community.

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