Department of Education Data Sharing Toolkit for Communities

Department of Education Data Sharing Toolkit for Communities

The U.S. Department of Education released the”Data Sharing Tool Kit for Communities: How to Leverage Community Relationships While Protecting Student Data Privacy.” The tool kit will help engage civic and community leaders that wish to use data collected to improve academic performance while protecting student privacy.

“This tool kit is designed to simplify the complex concepts of FERPA. It may be used both as a comprehensive guide and a collection of one-page resources. The tool kit covers the following three primary focus areas”:

  • Understanding the importance of data collection and sharing
  • Understanding how to best protect student privacy when collectively using PII from students’ education records that is protected by FERPA (including the best practices for obtaining written consent, or, where applicable, complying with FERPA’s exceptions to non-consensual disclosure of data)
  • Understanding how to manage shared data using integrated data systems

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