Questions to Ask Educators and Schools About Student Privacy

Before you ask your child’s school or teacher about how they are protecting student privacy, it may help to do some homework:
  • Does your school’s website have a section discussing student privacy?
  • Does your school’s website have a section discussing what ed tech is being used?
  • Did your school send you a notice at the beginning of the year about your FERPA rights and what they define as “directory information”?
  • Does your school send you a permission form to sign when your child is using technology that is not essential to the lesson or to classroom management?
Questions to ask your child’s teacher:
  • What apps or websites are being used in my child’s classroom?
  • How are you incorporating lessons about privacy in general lessons?
Questions to ask your child’s school:
  • Who is in charge of student data in our district?
  • Does the school or district have an approval system before teachers adopt new apps or software that collects student personal information?
  • How does the school and/or district hold outside service providers accountable for maintaining the confidentiality of the student data they receive?
  • What kind of data is collected about students?
  • What kind of information is collected about parents?
  • How is student data used?
  • Who has access to data about my child?
  • How can parents in our district opt out of sharing directory information? (if desired)

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