FERPA Higher Ed Fact Sheets

FERPA Higher Ed Fact Sheets

Future of Privacy Forum has published a set of fact sheets giving a quick but comprehensive overview of institutions’ responsibilities over the student data they collect and use. The first resource is a Family Education Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) 101 for Higher Education. It explains what FERPA covers, students’ rights under FERPA, as well as the most common exceptions to FERPA’s consent requirements for sharing data. The second resource is all about how institutions can share data with their education technology providers and the ten items that should be included in those contracts. The third resource is a best practices document about student data use and protecting privacy. These three fact sheets are intended as a starting point for higher education institutions and their student data privacy journey. You can download all three fact sheets at the links below:


FERPA 101 for Higher Education –  Download the PDF!

Higher Education Best Practices 101 – Download the PDF!

Higher Education Contracts and Privacy 101 – Download the PDF!


Sara Collins (Policy Council), and Amelia Vance (Director) serve as the Education Privacy Team at the Future of Privacy Forum. Trevor Schmitt served as an intern on FPF’s Education Project. [ninja_form id=]

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